Mater Dei Juan Diego Academy – My daughter loves to be here

My daughter, Galia, LOVES coming to school! She loves her teachers and her friends. We love the families, the caring staff and the facilities. My daughter has learned so much this year. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We’re blessed to be a part of JDA’s 1st generation of students!

Galia Serio and Family, Mater Dei Juan Diego Academy

St. Michael Academy- Teaches me how to pray and love

My teachers don’t only teach me how to pray, but also how to love my classmates, friends, family, and the poor.

Jodie, Student, St. Michael Academy

Mater Dei Juan Diego Academy – Blessing our future

Blessing Our Future has been a true blessing for our family which has allowed us to make the commitment towards catholic education which is the most important investment for our children. Thank you Mr. Stutz for all your hard work in coordinating this wonderful gift for the families within the South Bay.

Parent, Mrs. Shirley Pajanor, Mater Dei Juan Diego Academy

St. Columba – Friends with Families

I love that we are friends with the 18 other families in my daughter’s class, and we always welcome
new families to join us.

Freddy, Parent, St. Columba School

St. Michael Academy – a good foundation for leadership

Please extend this letter to the rest of the staff so that they understand they made a positive influence on yet another student… an Ivy League school applicant, president of my school (high school). Without my foundation at St. Michael Academy, I would not be who I am today.

Sean, Alumnus, St. Michael Academy

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel – Faith beyond Sundays

We chose Catholic education because we wanted our children’s faith to be more than just going to Mass on Sundays; we wanted them to learn in an environment where values would be instilled and practiced as part of their daily routine. We chose OLMC because of what we found to be a truly quality education – in all areas

Mr. & Mrs. Cintron, Parents, Our Lady of Mount Carmel School

St. Charles – Students do their best

The students here do their best, and are focused & determined to be better people than we were yesterday. Since kindergarten, along with others, I have been taught responsibility, respect, integrity, compassion, and success.

Martin, Student, St. Charles Catholic School

They are truly FAMILY!

All 3 of our children have attended Blessed Sacrament Parish School from the time they turned 2 and could start preschool.  We have a son who graduated in 2014 and is now a senior at St. Augustine High School, a daughter who is a current 8th grader with ambitions to attend OLP in the fall and a Kindergartner!!  There have been many changes over the years, but one thing remains and that is the wonderful Catholic and family foundation at BSPS.  Most of our very best friends, parents and children, we met at BSPS.  Our Kindergartner’s God parents are parents we met at BSPS when our older children were younger – they are truly family.  I feel very strongly that my children have and continue to receive an education based in faith and are being taught by teachers who truly love them and want the best for them as individuals.  Our children have strong morals, are kind people and have a strong foundation for making good choices in life and for being leaders as they continue to grow and develop.

The Dougherty Family (Aidan '14, Malone' 18, Rory '26) at St. Katherine Drexel Academy

Alexander M, 7th Grade Student, St. Michael Academy

My name is Alexander M., and I am a student at St. Michael Academy. I am in seventh grade, I have attended St Michael Academy for two years. I always thought that Catholic School was a waste. Little did I know, I was proven wrong very quickly. Catholic School has helped me a significantly amount. I feel that I have built a better relationship with God. When I go to school, I do not worry about bullying at all. I feel safe when I go to school. I also enjoy that there are not a lot of kids in my class. I get help when I need it. My teachers are great. The help me follow my dreams and help me with my academics. I am honored and blessed to be able to attend Catholic School. It is a true privilege. Thank you Bishop Flores, and Blessing our Future Scholarship for everything.

Alexander M, 7th Grade Student, St. Michael Academy

Small Class Sizes

The small class sizes have allowed my boys to gain a level of academic confidence that they could not get in larger classes. Not only is the faith-based learning teaching my boys fundamental Catholic teachings and solid morals but also it lets them get a sense of family, community, and belonging.

Parent, St. Katherine Drexel Academy

St. Pius X – Produces well-rounded students

Two of our children have attended St. Pius X Catholic School. The school’s emphasis on Catholic values along with excellent academics is very important to our family. St. Pius X Catholic School produces well rounded students with a strong moral character who are ready for the next step in their education.

Rebecca Hovland, St. Pius X School

Mater Dei Juan Diego Academy – The kids love to be here

The kids ALL love to be here! This loving atmosphere speaks very well of all involved: Teachers, Directors and students. Congratulations!! Keep up the GREAT work… See you next year…

Raul Barcena, Mater Dei Juan Diego Academy

Mater Dei Juan Diego Academy – Learning two languages

We feel blessed to be in this school where my son is in a loving environment. He is learning two languages that we value a lot, receiving a lot of values, and good bases that I’m sure will stick with him for the rest of his life. thank you for all your effort and hard work!!

Valadez-Michel Family, Mater Dei Juan Diego Academy

St. Columba – Student loves going to school Mass

I like going to School Mass because we do the readings, we’re in the choir, and we do the petitions and responsorial psalm.

Esabella, Student, St. Columba School

St. Charles – A unique and nourishing environment

St. Charles provides a unique and nourishing environment for every child to develop their Catholic identity. The bi-weekly masses, sacrament preparation, and daily religion classes help each student to become more in touch with their faith. The teachers go above and beyond all expectations, they not only guide their students, but provide a wholesome example of Catholic living.

Sofia, Student, St. Charles Catholic School

St. Therese Academy – Atmosphere of respect and love

We love having our girls at St. Therese Academy; the teachers, all the friends, and the atmosphere of respect and love for one another.

Parent, St. Therese Academy

St. Charles – Love and connection as a family

The love and connection as a family will be the first things you will feel when walking into this campus. Every day Jesus is present in everyone and everything we do. Through the weekly school masses, the sacraments that we receive and celebrate, the retreats, the love that the teachers have shown to us, and the respect and care we have for one another, our faith grows stronger. Our faith is carried with us not only in school, but it is translated to everywhere we go.

Lara, Student, St. Charles Catholic School

Personalized Attention and More!

We arrived at Blessed Sacrament looking for smaller classroom sizes and more personalized attention, but we ended up finding so much more. Blessed Sacrament was a new experience for us, it was a place where the student and the family occupy an important place and where we all felt part of the educational experience. Our child stopped being just another student and became part of a school family that welcomed him with open arms. We have seen him thrive in an environment where he feels accepted, validated and important. The curriculum is rigorous, but he has found help every step of the way. Blessed Sacrament has been truly a blessing for us and we are very optimistic about its future.

Lourdes Sherman, Parent, Blessed Sacrament Parish School

St. Pius X – Our forever home

Catholic education was something my husband and I discussed prior to having our children. After attending Sunday Mass, visiting the school, and becoming involved in Sunday school, we knew St. Pius X was going to be our forever home. I always say to new parents I meet that we already have something in common: our faith that leads us to choosing Catholic School for our children.

Nancy Gonzalez, St. Pius X School

St. Michael Academy – Thankful and blessed

I am grateful, thankful and blessed to go to St. Michael Academy. It is a beautiful caring school with loving people.

Lida-Marie, Student, St. Michael Academy

St. Columba – students love to volunteer

Every Tuesday I volunteer in the library. I love that I can be a part of the kids’ day when I want to, and when I am available.

Cindy, Parent, St. Columba School

St. Michael Academy – High standards

The Catholic values and education is the best at St. Michael. The high standards of the school are reflected in the happy and eager faces of the children.

Parent, St. Michael Academy

Santa Sophia Academy – Everybody Cares

I like Santa Sophia Academy because everyone cares about me. We get to pray and learn about God each day at school.

Student, Santa Sophia Academy

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel – Stresses good citizenship

My son, Conrad is my third child to attend OLMC. Just like his brother and sister, he has received a wonderful education. OLMC stresses good citizenship and a strong faith-based on moral compass. My children willingly come home and discuss events at school, events in the world and their faith.

Mr. Dayton, Parent, Our Lady of Mount Carmel School

St. Charles – Best decision I made

Moving from another school to St. Charles was the best decision I made. I can’t imagine how different it would be if I weren’t here because of all the memories and fun times you have daily.

Allexa, Student, St. Charles Catholic School

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel – Many reasons to like the school

I have been a student at Mt. Carmel since Pre-Kinder. There are many reasons why I like OLMC. For instance: excellent teachers, nice classmates, fun events, going to church and virtues. But overall because I feel God’s love everywhere, throughout the whole school.

Jose Emilio, Student, Our Lady of Mount Carmel School

Santa Sophia Academy – Nurtures a child’s soul

We not only teach academics, we nurture a child’s soul and from that, our students know they are a Child of God.

Teacher, Santa Sophia Academy

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel – School is a safe place

This school is a safe place. Everyone is accepted here, and you get to learn great values.

Ina, Student, Our Lady of Mount Carmel School

Santa Sophia Academy – dedicated teachers

It is difficult to identify just one thing that makes our school special. The dedicated teachers who guide our children both academically and spiritually does top our list.

Parent, Santa Sophia Academy

St. Therese Academy – Prepared me for high school

St. Therese Academy prepared me for high school with a great education in a caring and loving atmosphere.

Adrianna, Grade 8, St. Therese Academy

St. Rose of Lima – I’ve blossomed beautifully

At St. Rose of Lima, I have grown from the friendships I have made and have been exposed to kindness everyday. My teachers have given me the opportunity to reach my full potential and to blossom beautifully. I will eternally be grateful for my education at SRL, and will hold the people I have met here, in my heart.

Natalia Girolami, Student, St. Rose of Lima School

Santa Sophia Academy – responsibility, reliability, kindness and compassion

Santa Sophia Academy has taught me so much; responsibility, reliability, kindness, and compassion…

Alumna, Santa Sophia Academy

Roxana R., St. Pius X School

Through this letter I want to express all the gratitude I feel when I see my two small children attend St. Pius X School. Only God and His mercy could had allowed for my children to receive catholic education within our catholic faith.

Many thanks to all and each of the people that have kindly received us with love, their words, their smiles, the interest they show when they take care of my children.  Many thanks. I ask God our Lord to pour out His glory and blessings on you and your families. Thank you to all of you that took the time to read and listen to me and God touched your hearts so you would understand my needs as a mother. We are very happy; my children are ecstatic to be here where our God’s word is present through the education.

This is a joyous time for us as our voice was heard. I am a mother that fights every day for a better world, collaborate in the catholic communities.  I also thank my pastor Jose Luis M. for his support with FIAT with all the people from TADS. Many thanks one and a thousand times. With all my and my small children’s gratitude.

Bless them Jesus our Lord.

Roxana R., St. Pius X School

Mr. Oscar Plasencia, Parent, St. Rose of Lima School

When my daughter was reprimanded at her public school for writing about the times she prayed the Rosary during Lent, my wife and I decided it was time to send our kids to Catholic school.  With the way our (public) education system is headed it is more important than ever to send our children to Catholic school, where they can receive an education centered on Christ.  For us, we knew this would be a financial challenge but we had managed.  This year it seemed an impossibility to continue to send our children to Catholic school.  Our prayers were answered with the support we received from Blessing Our Future.  We are able to continue sending our kids to Catholic school, where their faith can flourish, their minds can grow, and their values are accepted.

Mr. Oscar Plasencia, Parent, St. Rose of Lima School

Parent, Mater Dei Juan Diego Academy

Blessing Our Future has been a true blessing for our family which has allowed us to make the commitment towards catholic education which is the most important investment for our children.  Thank you Mr. Stutz for all your hard work in coordinating this wonderful gift for the families within the South Bay.

Parent, Mater Dei Juan Diego Academy

St. Therese Academy – Makes me feel special

Being here makes me feel special because I have friends and teachers that care about me.

Lindsay, Grade 2, St. Therese Academy

St. Columba – School is welcoming

This school is very welcoming. We are in a good environment with good energy, and that makes us
the best that we can be.

Bella, Student, St. Columba School

St. Rose of Lima – A caring and strong community

My husband and I selected St. Rose of Lima School to enroll our daughter approximately 9 years ago. As she prepares to graduate this spring, we are excited and convinced that we made the right choice in school. We have seen all of our 4 children thrive academically and become active community members. We are blessed to have such caring and strong community.

Dr.s’ Trace and Leticia Polanco, St. Rose of Lima School

St. Rose of Lima – Enriched lives and challenged academically

The faith-based education our daughters have received at St. Rose of Lima School has enriched their lives and challenged them academically. It’s a well-rounded school with strong family values.

Christian and Celina Valderrama, St. Rose of Lima School

St. Rose of Lima – Home away from home

St Rose has given my children the skills needed to be well-rounded, faith filled students. It not only is their school, but truly their home away from home.

Noemy Oliveros, St. Rose of Lima School

We Felt at Home

We transferred to BSPS from a school that we were with for 7 years.  We were worried that it would be difficult to develop new relationships and feel at home like we did before.  Shortly after transferring mid year, other families began to reach out to us to invite us to events and outings.  We were treated so warmly by the rest of the families that we felt at home very soon after the transfer. Not only have my children been welcomed with open arms by their peers but the quality of education they receive is much higher than what we experienced in the past. I highly recommend this school to all prospective families.

Renei Baez, Parent, Blessed Sacrament Parish School

St. Therese Academy – We are part of a wonderful community

Having my children attend St. Therese Academy also means that we are part of a wonderful and close community.

James & Sarah’s Mom, St. Therese Academy

St. Pius X – We knew it was the school for our son

Since the moment my wife and I set foot in the school and was greeted by a polite young girl who offered assistance, we knew St. Pius was the school for my son. … The accessibility to the faculty and principal allow for an invaluable opportunity to participate in my son’s development.

Joseph Walker, St. Pius X School

St. Pius X – An outstanding experience

St. Pius X School has been an outstanding experience, both institutionally and academically, for my family….. The teachers and staff at SPX are extremely dedicated to their students …, with innovative teaching, and the family based culture is why I will keep my kids at SPX.

Richard Kulleck, St. Pius X School

Gutierrez Family, FIAT Catholic School Family

There are not enough words to thank you for your dedication and effort that you made for my family and I. Thank you very much for your support. I thank God for putting you in our path. Things were looking complicated. But, for Him [God] nothing is impossible. God made it possible by putting you, like an angel, to help us. Thank you very, very, much.


Gutierrez Family, FIAT Catholic School Family