Catholic schools have been on the forefront of innovation for decades with their focus on developing the whole person in Christ. Our schools have never looked at the success of a student by just a grade point average. Instead, we have always developed the entire student in the person of Jesus Christ. This means creating leaders who will go out to change the world. Necessary skills will continue to evolve with new technologies, and our schools are on the forefront with integrating these new opportunities into our curriculum.

Catholic schools in the Diocese of San Diego are pushing forward to educate creative, collaborative, and critically thinking students with a wide range of programs and opportunities that drive the necessary skills to lead in the next generation workforce. Our Catholic schools go beyond after school programs to truly integrate STEM and design thinking into their course work. Across our diocese students are using augmented reality to explore the human heart, participating in STEAM maker fests, and using the design process to create solutions for social issues.

With dual-language immersion schools, science academies, maker labs, STEM certificates, national merit scholars programs, FIAT consortium of schools, and an Apple distinguished school, our schools each offer a unique experience that will grow your student to his or her fullest potential. Please use the “Find my school” link to discover what innovative programs your local Catholic school has to offer.

FIAT Catholic Schools