Academy of Our Lady of Peace

"Educating Her Since 1882"
4860 Oregon Street, San Diego, CA 92116
Central San Diego

Your children can excel at Academy of Our Lady of Peace

4860 Oregon Street
San Diego, CA 92116

Phone: 619-297-2266

As the oldest and only all-girls’ high school in San Diego, the Academy of Our Lady of Peace (OLP) has been educating young women to become the next generation of leaders and innovators through a conscious love of God and the dear neighbor without distinction. As a woman of faith, woman of heart, woman of courage and woman of excellence, an OLP student is provided opportunities to put her faith into action and become a transformative agent of change in our world.

Dr. Lauren Lek, PhD, Principal

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    Outside the Classroom

    We offer clubs and activities including: Business, Theater, Choir, Journalism, Music, Technology, Engineering, Debate, Multi-Media

    Our Competitive Spirit

    We offer athletics including: Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Cheer, Tennis, Softball, Track and Field, Water Polo, Swimming, Equestrian, Surf, Sand Volleyball, Cross Country

    The World Around Us

    Students at Academy of Our Lady of Peace have the opportunity to learn additional languages including: Spanish, French, American Sign Language

    Our Learning Environment

    Our learning environment features: Library, Science Lab, Art Room, Music Room, Indoor Gymnasium, Theater, Outdoor Amphitheater, zSpace Lab

    We are all created equal.

    We have served students gifted with: English as a Second Language, Learning Difficulties

    Let's make it work.

    We are committed to providing tuition assistance for our families. Financial awards are determined by the relative financial need of each applicant, the size of the applicant pool and the amount of available funds.

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