St. Francis of Assisi

To Pray, To Learn, To Serve
525 W. Vista Way, Vista, CA 92083
North County Inland

Your children can excel at St. Francis of Assisi

525 W. Vista Way
Vista, CA 92083

Phone: (760) 630-7960

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School is an exceptional community nestled in the heart of Vista, focusing on our motto To Pray, To Learn, To Serve. Students receive a well-rounded education centered on church teachings and we strive to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those around us. Our technologically sound, rigorous academic program, along with the extracurricular and enrichment activities prepare students for success in life. The greatest testament is the comment we hear often from families about how peaceful the campus is and the loving, family atmosphere that permeates St. Francis community.

We believe children should have the option of a Catholic education regardless of the family’s financial status and the child’s learning differences. We offer tuition assistance to families and multiple levels of academic support to meet the individual needs of each child. Our exceptional learning support program and focus on Catholic Social Teachings, make St. Francis School a unique place where every child can get what he/she needs to grow and succeed spiritually, academically, emotionally, and physically.

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Elizabeth Joseph, Principal

Rev. Ruben Arceo, SJ, Pastor
St. Francis of Assisi

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    Outside the Classroom

    We offer clubs and activities including: Arts and Crafts, Theater, Choir, Karate, Band, Little STEM, Archery

    Our Competitive Spirit

    We offer athletics including: Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Archery

    The World Around Us

    Students at St. Francis of Assisi have the opportunity to learn additional languages including: English, Spanish

    Our Learning Environment

    Our learning environment features: Library, Science Lab, Art Room, Music Room, Sports Field, Playground, Blacktop Activity Area

    We are all created equal.

    We have served students gifted with: GATE Designation, English as a Second Language, IEP, Learning Difficulties, Speech and Language, Autism, Other Health Impaired

    Let's make it work.

    We believe children should have the option of a Catholic education regardless of the family's financial status. All families can apply for tuition assistance, but the aid offered will depend on the family need. Please don't let the inability to pay full tuition stop you from registering at St. Francis School!

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