St. Columba Catholic School

"Educating Hearts, Minds, and Souls"
3365 Glencolum Drive, San Diego, CA 92123
Central San Diego

Your children can excel at St. Columba Catholic School

3365 Glencolum Drive
San Diego, CA 92123

Phone: (858) 279-1882

St. Columba Catholic School was established in 1963 by the Sisters of Mercy forming the elementary school grades Kindergarten through Fourth. Each year a new grade was added with the first class graduating in1968. The charisma of the school has always been its family-friendly community and dedication to our students. As is evident, this school has been a labor of love since its beginning and still remains apparent. Over the past fifty years, parishioner and parent support is a constant, and the administration, faculty, and staff are grateful for the continued generosity of spirit shown by the parish and our extended community. It is our mission to live the Gospel message of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and in doing so prepare our students to live a Christ centered life in an ever changing world.

Mr. John Amann, Principal

Rev. Gabutera Rolando, Pastor
St Columba

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    Outside the Classroom

    We offer clubs and activities including: Chess, Arts and Crafts, Theater, Choir, Music, Technology, Foreign Language, Cooking

    Our Competitive Spirit

    We offer athletics including: Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Cheer, Track and Field

    The World Around Us

    Students at St. Columba Catholic School have the opportunity to learn additional languages including: English

    Our Learning Environment

    Our learning environment features: Library, Computer Lab, Art Room, Music Room, Sports Field, Playground, Blacktop Activity Area

    We are all created equal.

    We have served students gifted with: GATE Designation, English as a Second Language, IEP, Learning Difficulties, Speech and Language, Down Syndrome, Autism,

    Let's make it work.

    The goal of Saint Columba is to provide a Catholic education to those who want it, regardless of cost. Saint Columba offers tuition assistance based on a family’s financial need and the school’s available funds. Presently, over $50,000 of tuition assistance is granted annually

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