San Diego County Catholic Schools Open for In-Person Instruction

Most Catholic elementary and high schools are now open for in person instruction for the 2020-2021 academic year across San Diego County.

In mid-August, San Diego County met the health metric requirements to safely reopen schools for in person instruction. Due to countless hours of preparation, Catholic schools were ready to bring students back for in-person instruction safely on September 1st. Every Catholic school is meeting and exceeding recommendations for safety set by the county, state, and CDC.

Director of Schools, John Galvan recently stated, “As we’ve said from the outset, our plan is to walk in lockstep with our local and state public health officials in the safe reopening of Catholic schools. Each school’s plan has been posted, and you have been part of the consultation process to inform your school’s specific plan.”

While many schools are at full capacity, there are several still accepting applications. If you are interested in an in-person, faith-filled education for your student, please contact your local Catholic school.

Finally, a huge debt of gratitude goes out to all the teachers and administrators who worked the entire summer preparing to re-open with academic rigor, faith-filled community, and a culture of safety.