Mary: Our Sweetness and Our Hope

To think of the Virgin Mary is to widen one’s heart. It is tenderness and love, mother’s love. The students of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School know that well. Each morning the students and teachers entrust themselves to the maternal protection of Our Lady and know that under her mantle they are safe. The month of October is without a doubt a very special month for the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School Families.

During the month of the Holy Rosary, a decade of the Rosary is prayed every day during morning assembly. In the hands of Mary are deposited all prayer requests, the needs of families, and the needs of the whole world. Throughout the day, moments are sought to teach the children to meditate on the different mysteries of the Holy Rosary. From TK through 8th Grade, students enthusiastically prepared the Living Rosary where families are invited to participate.

The Living Rosary is awaited with great joy by all! Under the direction of Sr. Juanita Pereyra, S.J.S., and the collaboration of students, teachers, and parents, the mysteries of the Holy Rosary are personified while meditating on them. Each account of the Holy Rosary is undoubtedly synonymous with faith, love, and hope. The songs, led by Sr. Irma Campos, S.J.S., and Ms. Althea Valdez, are a praise to the Queen of Heaven and a source of peace for hearts. Each flower is a kiss addressed to Heaven for the Mother of God, our Mother, our sweetness, and hope.