Sound Gets an Upgrade in OLP’s Theatre

On October 28, the Behringer X32 digital soundboard was introduced to OLP’s Theatre thanks to the Carondelet Annual Fund. The X32 has 32 channels that can house microphones and audio from a device or instruments; motorized faders that remember the position it was placed during the mixing; and an LCD Scribble Strip, which allows the technician to customize the name of the channel, such as the name of an actress or show audio. Scribble Strip also has icons, such as a microphone or keyboard for quick recognition on the type of audio the channel is assigned, and colors to create a visual group.

The soundboard came at a perfect time for OLP’s spring show, The Addams Family, where it will allow students to expand on the quality of the show. For example, the X32 will let technicians equalize the audio of the show from the audience from an iPhone or iPad so techs can experience exactly what the audience is hearing. Technicians can also record from the board so they are able to listen to it from home and make future adjustments to the show. For The Addams Family, the technicians will be using scene management that will allow them to program 500 cues and 100 scenes with the push of one button instead of turning 10+ mics on and off throughout the show.

Not only will this board provide better sound quality within the Theatre, it will also provide numerous enhancements that exist in professional settings. The X32 provides an amazing experience for students interested in technical theatre, as it teaches them the basics of sound design and sound engineering, which are essential for live sound, broadcast, studio recording and post-production. The introduction of this board into OLP’s Theatre has given me and other students invaluable hands-on experience using cutting edge technology.