Auxiliary Bishop Dolan Celebrates Vocations

Auxiliary Bishop John Dolan came to visit School of the Madeleine during Catholic Schools Week! As an alumnus of the school, we were blessed to have him present our Christian Living Awards, given to students who exemplify Christ-like behaviors here in our school, with our Pastor, Fr. Steve McCall.  

Our students and teachers were overjoyed that he shared his vocational journey with us, and even more so because it was during our Catholic Schools Week celebration. We listened to his vocation story with attentive ears and were grateful he was able to share his faith story with us.

Our kindergarteners celebrated his visit by wearing “We Love Bishop Dolan” mitres and the entire school wore hearts stating the same. Our choir and handbell ensemble brought joyful music to the prayerful celebration. After his presentation, we were able to bless Bishop Dolan and Fr. Steve on their vocations as Church leaders.

Bishop Dolan ended his visit with a tour of the school with Mrs. Coleman, our principal, to see all the changes that have occurred since he was a student here.

As a school who prays for vocations in our Church everyday, it was an honor to celebrate our Vocation Day with Bishop Dolan!