Holy Trinity School Celebrates “Faith!”

When members of the Holy Trinity School family share that we are a diverse school accepting, including and educating children of varied ethnicities, academic capabilities and other personal challenges…we mean it!

March 21 is Down’s Syndrome Awareness Day.  The student body of Holy Trinity School acknowledged this day by celebrating Faith Tyssee, a second grader who is half way through her fourth year at our school.  Students and staff wore blue and yellow to commemorate the day and made monetary donations to help provide assistance to the  Down Syndrome Association.

From the moment Faith walked on our campus she stole our hearts.  With the support of her parents, teachers, staff and school families, Faith continues to grow and succeed.  Her love for life and desire to be like her peers is a daily inspiration to us all.  Holy Trinity School students have benefited in many ways by having the ability to interact with this special young lady throughout the school day and at social events.  They have learned that even though we may look, think, sound and act differently, we are all God’s children deserving of one another’s love and acceptance.