Pastoral Support for Students at St. Francis

Conversations with Fr. Minh

St. Francis School is very blessed to have three priests who love and support our School. Our priests visit our students every week and discuss a variety of age appropriate spiritual topics with the children. Even though this is one of the busiest parishes in our Diocese, the priests take time to chat with the students and the students in turn have built great relationships with the priests.

Spiritual formation is one of the three pillars of St. Francis School. I walked into fourth grade yesterday and was greeted with the picture of the class totally engaged in a conversation with one of our associate priest, Fr. Minh Do. They were discussing the liturgical year with all the different colors of the seasons and the reasons for different colors.

In a world where they are so much negative feelings against the clergy based on the actions of a handful of people, I think we are truly blessed to have such fine priests. The opportunity for children to build positive relationships with our priests is truly valuable and priceless. A very special thank you to Rev. Ruben Arceo, our pastor, Rev. Minh Do, Associate pastor, and Rev. Ricardo Frausto, our associate priest who loves Star Wars and shares his love with all the children.