Why St. Didacus 8th Grade is the Elite 8

From the beautiful home classroom in downtown Normal Heights, we bring you…The Top 10 Reasons Why the St. Didacus Class of 2018 is Truly the Elite 8:

1) We get all F’s – Fun, fair, friendly, funny, fantastically smart, and fine!

2) We get a-round!  A well-rounded education, that is. Art, technology, music, science lab, PE…all in addition to the 3 R’s.

3) We are family!  Most of the class has been together for nine years.  We love being together and know we are friends for life.

4) We are always in style: whether it’s 8th Grade sweatshirts, Mass uniform, Student Council blazers, or regular uniform.  We come dressed to impress…and learn.

5) We hit the road! High schools, Julian, Anaheim, Los Angeles – all points of interests on our trip through 8th grade.

6) Like a good neighbor, 8th grade is there!  We get into the community to support people in a variety of ways.

7) We’ve got our own United Nations! Families from four continents make us who we are.

8) These Padres can win! We have students with a proven track record of success in football, softball, First in Math, Academic Decathlon, and Science Fair, with no sign of letting up.

9) We lead by example! Whether it’s Student Council, Sports, Academic Decathlon, we set an example of dedication and talent that other students want to emulate.

10) We’re working on our halos, and having a good time doing it! We’re not perfect, but we’re working on it every day and enjoying the ride in the meantime.