Honoring “Coach Myke”

On Wednesday, April 25, Nazareth School students, staff, parents, friends, and alumni honored long-time teacher and coach Ms. Myke Ayala.  The newly-renovated basketball courts were dedicated to Ms. Myke in recognition of her 50 years of service to the Nazareth School community.  Ms. Myke began her loving connection to the school as a student.  Upon completing her higher education studies, Ms. Myke knew she wanted to go “home” to Nazareth School, but this time she would be on the “other side of the desks”!  During her 50 year tenure, Ms. Myke’s roles were as PE teacher, Athletic Director, Girls’ Softball/Volleyball Coach, Director of Drama Productions, and Computer teacher.

In the world of sports, having a venue named for you is quite an honor.  The Ms. Myke Ayala Courts at Nazareth School are a wonderful tribute to a very special lady!