Scholarship Recipients at St. Pius X

Over the course of the past years, St. Pius X Catholic School has worked diligently to ensure the growth of its students. St. Pius is a student-centered institution that encompasses spiritual, academic, psychological, social, cultural and physical growth.

The hard work that has taken place over the past years is evident through the 8 students that have received scholarships. These students from the graduating class have received a total amount of $273,000 in scholarships. Scholarship recipients from Mater Dei include: Kristiana Ibanez, Melissa Esparza-Villareal, Derek Castillo, Connor Pham, and Isaac Valdez. Saint Augustine Scholarship recipients are Diego Williams and Anthony Ortega, and The Our Lady of Peace Scholarship recipient is Sophia Hernandez.

Congratulations to the St. Pius X teachers, parents, and mostly the students themselves for their hard work and success. This is a wonderful achievement and is only the beginning of all the great successes that will be earned by the St. Pius students.

By: Nikole-Marie Espino