St. Columba’s Myth Club: 2018 National Mythology Winners

Mrs. Maggie Perry, one of St. Columba’s dedicated parents organized an after school Myth Club. Fourteen students from Grades 3-8 took the 2018 National Mythology Exam sponsored by the American Classical League. These students are Cruz Elizondo, Dominic Perry, Connor Fiorica, Amelie DelRosario, Araceli Vargas, Aaron Brown, Kaitlin Palma, Nikki Ballard, Carl Fiorica, Dylan Rodolfo, Colin Aston, Victoria Bustria, Elysa Elizondo, and Kent Vu. Depending on the student’s grade level, the National Mythology Exam consisted of 30-50 questions on the Olympian Gods, the theme of Ancient Beginnings, and the epic novel The Odyssey,  Book X.

Bronze, silver and gold medals went to students that earned 90-100% on the Exam. Bronze Medal recipients include 4th grader Connor Fiorica, 6th grader Carl Fiorica, and 7th grader Elysa Elizondo (all 90%), 7th grader Kent Vu (92%), and 5th grader Kaitlin Palma (95%).  Gold Medal recipients include 3rd grader Dominic Perry and 7th grader Victoria Bustria (both 100%)!   Congratulations to all of these students for their motivation and love for the classics!