Classmates reconnect at St. Pius X Alumni Mixer

Last night was a time for former classmates to see each other reconnect.  Groups of alum huddled together to discuss the latest news in their lives.  Parents of our alums gathered together as well.

It was a heartwarming scene where classmates greeted each other with big smiles, warm hugs and enthusiastic handshakes.  Stories of their time at St. Pius X filled their conversations which were often punctuated by raucous laughter.

Mrs. Russell, one of our most veteran teachers, had taught many of the alum that attended our mixer.  She was very happy to see them as they were to see her.  Current and former faculty and staff were treated with the same joyous greetings throughout the evening.

St. Pius X is heading towards it 60th anniversary in September of 2020.  We wanted to get a start on planning our Gala.  We decided to host this Alumni Mixer as a way to get the word out and to seek the help of our alum.  All students, past and present, help to make St. Pius X school what it is today.

As a relatively new person to the St. Pius X community, experiencing the joy and familial love that was exhibited last night, reaffirmed my love for this school and its community.

One last thing:  I want to thank Mrs. Espinoza, our Alumni Director, for all of her hard work in gathering names and emails of our alums.  Without this information, last night never would have happened.


John Turskey, Principal