OLMC Places 1st and 3rd Place at the 4th Annual Catholic Schools STEAM Challenge

Excitement was in the air as more than 20 teams of students representing schools throughout Diocese of San Diego participated in the 4th Annual SD Catholic Schools STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) Showcase and Design Challenge last month. OLMC was one of four FIAT Catholic Schools that were present at this awesome Showcase and Rokenbok Competition held at Good Shepherd School.

Each school had the opportunity to have up to three teams of four students participate in the competition. Each team was given a Rokenbok set to build a station that could rotate with a manual arm holding a small cage that could hold four spheres. Students had to label and sketch a drawing of their construct model. The objective was to incorporate as many of the five simple machines as they could in their station construct and explain what simple machine was working in each of the locations of their model. Points were given for the number of simple machines incorporated in their model and the number of rotation of carrying and dropping off spheres. They only had two minutes to completes to “show off” this task! They were also asked to explain what each part of their model was doing. OLMC scored 200 points for the win!!

We look forward to seeing what students have in store for next year’s competition!