St. Michael Academy’s second grade students were in for a “treat” when they started their STEM project weeks ago.

Together with their teacher, Mrs. Sumayao, students planted kale, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, aloe vera and squash in their Greenhouse. For weeks and with much patience, students took care of their beautiful garden.  They learned the different parts of the plants, where seeds come from, how and where seeds grow, what plants need to grow, nutrition, life cycle and of course, how delicious and healthy a green salad can taste!  Students learned all of this by researching, writing reports and then presenting their reports in groups to their classmates. At the end of this project they not only learned an important STEM lesson, they also learned the importance of responsibility, patience, teamwork, research and eating healthy.

After their vegetables were fully grown, they enjoyed harvesting them and enjoying a delicious salad make with, of course, their very own “home grown” veggies!