Guardian Snack Shack Open for Business

Students returning to St. Gregory the Great Catholic School this fall welcomed the highly anticipated grand opening of their new student store, the Guardian Snack Shack.  Staffed by junior high students, the Snack Shack provides snacks and drinks for the morning recess.

Last spring interested 5th, 6th, and 7th graders applied and interviewed for positions at the store.  Through this process they experienced what it takes to be hired for a job and take on the responsibility of serving others.  They receive no compensation for their work, just the satisfaction that they are contributing to the school’s charism of stewardship towards others.  Their staff responsibilities include being on time for their shift, checking and maintaining inventory, mental calculations of items purchased and giving correct change to the student and staff customers.  One student employee was overheard saying, “I love having a job!” while another said, “Learning how to handle money and customer service will be important for me later in life.”  The Guardian Snack Shack employees take their responsibility seriously, but with a sense of joy and pride in a job well done.  GO GUARDIANS!