St. Gregory the Great Catholic School has incorporated the VEX-IQ Robotics STEM program into their junior high curriculum.  The VEX Robotics curriculum is a project-based curriculum which allows the students to solve problems using technology and robotics to improve society. 

Seventh grade student, Annica H. stated after her team finished constructing and testing their base model robot, “this is probably my favorite subject so far.”    Mrs. Ryan and Mr. Hight, co-advisers of the Robotics program, have both noticed immediate progress.   Mr. Hight noted, “The curriculum is very hands-on and allows the students to work together.  One of the things that we appreciate in our observations is how the students instinctively collaborate and problem-solve.   Rather than giving up when the robot does not respond how they expect it to, they encourage each other to work through solving the problem together.” 

The junior high students have been introduced to the different engineering fields and how robotics engineering is currently being used in various situations to protect human life, such as in life-threatening police situations or in the rescue of the boys’ soccer team that was trapped in a cave.  The students are currently in the process of building, testing, and running their base model robots by interpreting the manuals and technical specifications.  Sinclair M. noted, “It is challenging, fun, and allows the group to work together.”  As they progress, the students will design their own robots based on the functionality they imagine, design, and build.  Way to go, Guardian Engineers!