St. Pius X students answer the question “Got socks?”

My name is John Turskey, Principal at St. Pius X School.  I recently received an email from my PTG President, who is also a Chula Vista Police Officer, offering our students the opportunity to help the Chula Vista Police Department with their new shoes and socks collection drive.  How could we refuse?

The Chula Vista Police Department has conducted this drive for the past seven years.  It is their way for School Resource Officers to help the students they directly serve.  The hope is that a new pair of shoes and socks will not only help bolster the confidence of students from low income communities, but also reduce the incidents of bullying when they return to school.  The students from less stable financial environments are often bullied because of their old shoes or clothing.

During our Monday morning assembly, I asked the students how many of them are wearing socks? All of the students raised their hands.  Next, I asked how many how many had socks in a drawer at home? Again, I received the same response.  Finally, I asked if they knew that there are students in this community that do not have even one pair of socks – or at least socks that are not worn or do not have holes.  My students were shocked by this fact.

My last question was, “Do you want to help these  students?”  I told them they could help.  I offered a deal to my students.  If they brought in a pair of socks, they could wear a pair of “crazy socks” to school!  It worked!  We collected over 250 pairs of socks.

Students doing the mission of Jesus Christ.