“The Call to Serve: Casa Hogar Sonrisa de Ángeles”

On Sunday, September 23, the 8th grade class and their families visited Casa Hogar Sonrisa de Ángeles, an orphanage located in Tijuana, Baja California. Mr. Blair and his classes have been serving the orphaned children of this Catholic institution for many years. Casa Hogar is solely run by Sister Lily, who founded the two story house with the financial help of many. Casa Hogar currently helps approximately 60 orphans from all over Tijuana, Tecate, and beyond. Sister Lily ministers the Catholic faith to the children, as well as helps them with the many academic aspects of education, like reading and writing. Casa Hogar has a beautiful chapel at the house which has statue of the Sacred Heart and the Jesus de Misericordia.

This was an eye-opening experience for the 8th grade class and their families. The students got to interact with the orphans and work with them in beautifying their house. The 8th graders and their families cleaned the dorms, bathrooms, the chapel, and organized the library. Along with cleaning they donated boxes of cereal, hygiene product, and cleaning supplies. More importantly, the 8th grade students shared love and experiences with those in need, further developing their world view, practicing works of mercy, and increasing characteristics of humility and gratitude.

The 8th grade class and their families will continue their service with Casa Hogar on a monthly basis. If you are interested in joining them in their ministry, please contact Mr. David Blair at dblair@saintcharlesschool.com.

By Mariana S., 8th Grade, St. Charles Catholic School