Logic is Abundant at St. Didacus

The left hemisphere of the brain is the part that scientists describe as the verbal and analytical portion. Thus, it seems only logical to try to strengthen the function of activities associated with this hemisphere. At St. Didacus, our logic team of more than twenty-five students meets every Friday afternoon to delve into areas that nurture this part of the brain. Each week, we challenge our students from 5th to 8th grade to join us for puzzles and conundrums that utilize the tools of mathematics, perplexing words, linear thinking, sequencing, and logic puzzles that require organizing and associating clues to various brain teasers.

This is not to say that we leave the rest of the brain out. Throughout our session, we also rely on areas that are most associated with the right brain. These may include rhythmic patterns, prediction, verbal intuition, and the kids’ imagination. Everyone works differently. Some students appear to be daydreaming, but they are actually working out the puzzle in their mind. Others work alone, while some prefer a team approach. It’s a great way to end our week with the multi-talented students of St. Didacus. We’re also extremely fortunate to have the assistance of older students, Josh Pajimola and Jacob Hanna, along with team leaders Mrs. Nau, Mrs. Miller, and Mr. Hanford. The students keep us challenged throughout the time period. It can be a highly competitive atmosphere, but one comment is always heard when it’s time for break or time to go home – “Is it that time already?”