Cheerleaders Show Their Spirit at St. Didacus School

St. Didacus School has a reputation for having high academic standards, but what’s probably not as well-known is its wide range of extracurricular activities that are available to the students. Whether it’s music, languages, art, sports, or anything else, every activity demonstrates a good amount of school spirit. But perhaps none of the extracurriculars provides a better example of that spirit than the St. Didacus Cheerleader Squad. And what a job they do!

There are ten girls on the current team, and each grade, fourth through eighth, is represented by one or more students. These girls are certainly a dedicated group, devoting their practice time to not just the entire school year, but during the summer as well. Cheerleading may look easy, but any one of the team members will tell you that it’s a good combination of teamwork, dedication, commitment, and physical fitness – not to mention the fun of always learning new routines!

The St. Didacus School cheerleaders can be seen at a wide variety of school events, both sports-related and non-sports related. Naturally, they attend and cheer at the boys’ football and basketball games, as well as the tournaments that happen at the end of the sports season. But beyond that, you’ll also find the Cheer Squad at the annual St. Didacus Fall Festival fundraiser, where they perform some of their newest cheers for the parents and others in attendance who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to see them.

The squad also does other things to help promote the school, including attending local parades. This gives them the opportunity to both remind the neighborhood that St. Didacus School is right around the corner, and to showcase their wonderful talents. And speaking of talent, the cheerleaders at St. Didacus are always working on improving their own abilities by attending various Cheer Camps around the city. In prior years, they’ve had summer camp with both the Cathedral Catholic High School cheerleaders and the cheer squads from San Diego State University. This year you’ll find them at cheer camp with the group from the University of San Diego, as they continue to hone their skills and learn new routines.

The St. Didacus School Cheerleaders are more than just pom-poms and glitter – they embody the very spirit of the school and of the community at large!