The seventh and eighth grade robotics teams recently competed in a school challenge to determine who would represent St. Gregory the Great Catholic School in the Diocesan STREAM showcase.  The four robot skillset events performed were: the Block Stacking Challenge that required the teams to have their robot retrieve colored blocks of different point value and stack them in their team’s goal zone; Driver Speed Race Challenge that was purely based on which robot passed the finish line with the fastest speed, while staying within their lane; Driver Obstacle Course Challenge which involved a team member to drive their robot through an obstacle course several times within a 5 minute time limit; and the Goal Scramble Competition where the robots had to shovel/collect colored blocks back to their team’s goal zone within a time limit.  The teams were under pressure to not only complete the challenges within the given time limits, but to avoid penalties by going out of bounds.  The four teams, one from each challenge, then represented St. Gregory the Great Catholic School at the Diocesan STREAM Showcase to present robotics demonstrations, answer questions from the audience and interact with fellow STREAM students from other schools.