Collaborative Professional Development

In August, over thirty teachers from St. Therese Academy, Notre Dame Academy, St. Charles Catholic School, St. Columba Catholic School, and St. Gregory the Great Catholic School gathered together at the St. Therese Social Center to participate in a two-day Eureka Math training. These educators were given the opportunity to explore and analyze the math curriculum to better understand how lesson components build upon each other to create a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of math. The participants reviewed and practiced proven strategies for lesson preparation and explored strategies to develop the fluency required to solve complex problems. This five school, collaborative professional development, provided teachers from different Catholic schools the opportunity to dialog about curriculum and best practices while benefiting from the experience of on-site training. The Eureka Math trainer provided teachers with a deeper understanding of their newly adopted Eureka Math program so teachers could gain the skills and confidence needed to successfully implement the curriculum this upcoming school year.