Kindness Campaign at St. Gregory the Great School

St. Gregory the Great has started off the year on a very positive note.  We are making Kindness cool again with our Kindness Campaign. Our lovely PTSG board members have come up with positive and fun ways to highlight the kindness we show each other every day at school and hopefully encourage others to do the same.  Our wall has sprouted a kindness tree where the leaves are the acts of kindness caught by teachers and staff.  The tree continues to grow daily, and all our students are actively trying to get a leaf with their name on it.  The students expressed their creative sides with decorating kindness rocks with positive words. These rocks not only brighten up our flowerbeds they also give us encouragement through the day.  We want our school environment to grow by positive reinforcement and celebrate those kind acts.

St. Gregory the Great continues to strive for educational excellence.  We continue to grow our curriculum to be current and to push our students to be the best versions of themselves.  Our amazing staff works closely with our students to help their academic and spiritual foundation grow.  We are so proud of each student at our school.