Roxana R., St. Pius X School

Through this letter I want to express all the gratitude I feel when I see my two small children attend St. Pius X School. Only God and His mercy could had allowed for my children to receive catholic education within our catholic faith.

Many thanks to all and each of the people that have kindly received us with love, their words, their smiles, the interest they show when they take care of my children.  Many thanks. I ask God our Lord to pour out His glory and blessings on you and your families. Thank you to all of you that took the time to read and listen to me and God touched your hearts so you would understand my needs as a mother. We are very happy; my children are ecstatic to be here where our God’s word is present through the education.

This is a joyous time for us as our voice was heard. I am a mother that fights every day for a better world, collaborate in the catholic communities.  I also thank my pastor Jose Luis M. for his support with FIAT with all the people from TADS. Many thanks one and a thousand times. With all my and my small children’s gratitude.

Bless them Jesus our Lord.